We’re Mike (Scotsman) and Kellie (Aussie), we met in London in 2008 the day before Lehman’s collapsed. We were working for two of the big investment banks and by keeping our heads down and working long hours we managed to survive all the rounds of cuts around us.

We left the banks in 2014, which is when we started planning a big 10 month holiday around the US and Canada just to get away from it all. However, the meaning of this trip didn’t begin to become apparent until the health scare we had in 2015. Kellie was diagnosed with cancer aged 30. 

At that point we started making decisions about our life; reprioritising from being caught up in our ‘busy, important’ London life and focusing on what is truly important; making the most of the life we’ve got. Of course we’d heard people talking about this before and thought “absolutely, that is so true”, but until we faced the fragility of life ourselves we didn’t feel the meaning of those words.

Thankfully Kellie’s health is excellent again and so we had a choice; we could either return to normal, ploughing on with what was expected of us, or we could start to look for answers to the questions that had started percolating and look to find a new way.

In the middle of 2016, things seemed to fall into place. We sold our flat in London and set off for Vancouver at the end of the year to begin our trip.

We have made a clear decision that we’re determined not to return to our old ways. We don’t know where this journey (or blog) will take us, but it feels like we’re beginning a journey and as we delve deeper into the rabbit hole we thought we’d take you with us, as we thought it could be important to share this with others.

This is our journey.