Having watched The Minimalists, we quickly moved on to researching “tiny houses”. And I mean tiny; we’re talking about houses that are 20 meters sq and are typically on wheels.

A friend of mine had mentioned it once before and I kinda thought that the idea was cute, but didn’t understand the draw to actually living in such a small space. I’m starting to understand why now:

  1. It forces you to stay focused on not collecting stuff, because it’s just not possible in such a tiny home!
  2. We could live mortgage free (and therefore wouldn’t need to work anymore). The cost of building a tiny house and buying an empty piece of land (or staying on someone else’s land), is a fraction of the price of buying a house,
  3. We could live with a much smaller environmental footprint that we currently do, using solar electricity, a composting toilet and collecting rainwater,
  4. Living in a tiny house (is said to) engage you with the outdoors much more,
  5. We could be more flexible in where we live and move around occasionally,
  6. We are looking forward to being part of a community that we share common values with, and
  7. If we totally change our mind we could move into a ‘big’ house and have the tiny house on the land to create an income stream via Airbnb or for visiting family.

A few days into the idea and we’re already starting to fantasise about our tiny house; we’re following blogs, watching documentaries, TV shows and YouTube videos, drawing up sketches, collecting a list and Pinterest page of our ideas, looking at land and where we might want to live, and we also plan to attend a tiny house meetup whilst we’re travelling. You name it, we’re into it!

In order to establish whether this is a fantasy or something more realistic, we’ve decided to use Airbnb to stay in other people’s tiny houses for the remainder of our travels. Plus we can also collect ideas about what works and doesn’t work.

One thing that I’m going to struggle with is my desire to have somewhere nice to live vs. not being materialistic, so I just have to keep an eye on myself when it comes to that.

Here’s our idea so far and below our inspiration